The meaning of anything can be found in its origin, therefore careful study and research is where truth and value are discovered. If this is your intent, Dan El can offer assistance through; the resources available on this website, seminars to proprietary groups and counsel to private clients.

Study should never become an end in itself but rather a means to a carefully selected end, with “balance” being the all-important companion. The object of study should be to produce specific fruit in ones life, therefore the natural and useful emphasis is not to become intellectually “fat”, but intellectually “fit”, as you equip yourself to travel life’s path to your destiny.

For those who seek to take study seriously, can I suggest firstly balance your time, as too much study can make one weary. Secondly, check to see if what you have discovered is true, and thirdly always allow opportunity for one’s instincts to guide.

We trust our resources of AUDIO, VIDEO, WRITINGS and GLOSSARY assist you to either gain a benefit or avoid a loss, as you build an enjoyable lifestyle.