Dan El is an advocate for the Creation, Protection, Enjoyment and Transfer to the next generation of ones private estate, but its approach to private estate planning doesn’t end with advocacy. Rather that’s where it begins. It goes beyond wealth management.

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In the field of strategic estate planning, reputation and connections are lifeblood. They ensure a level of stability, direction, experience and global reach that is quietly pursued by the discerning. The sound reputation Dan El enjoys today, is drawn from the deep well of private international relationships fostered in the shifting sands of business over the last 58 years. Such alliances serve not only as a beacon to troubled waters, but a watchtower for favourable laws and ethics, pointers for asset growth and preservation, insights to jurisdictional benefits, hints for fiscal hospitality and introductions to private banking partners. When one adds to this, exacting administration, client confidentiality, and unique bullion facilities, one will soon realise why Dan El is able to offer its Clients the world’s best in Private Estate Planning.

Many financial and wealth advisors have entered the consultancy market over the last decade, and many of them will be gone in the next.

In contrast, Dan El has an international reputation of credibility and integrity that has been uncompromisingly guarded and preserved since its journey began in 1959. As it takes many years to earn such favor and trust and only a few unguarded seconds to loose it, the longer one is able to maintain a sound reputation the more valuable it becomes, and the less likely one is to consider a hasty exchange. Our good name around the globe in the business, secular and religious world is our greatest asset… and cannot be purchased. Testimony is that this has granted Dan El Clients much comfort.

A distinguishing feature of the strategic planning and consultancy offered by Dan El is that its Principals are actively involved in international business on a daily basis, and often on an equal footing with many of its Clients. Due to its active presence in the marketplace, Dan El become aware of the potential needs of Clients, because Dan El frequently discover the need first. Being on both sides of the business exchange grants Dan El a position of privilege over those who can only operate from the advisory side of commerce.

Our Clients are conservative and discrete quiet achievers. Their needs are as distinct and unique as their fingerprints, which is why Dan El abstains from participating in the “wide road” market approach to estate planning, but sees wisdom in the security and commercial tranquillity of a path less travelled.

The approach of Dan El is not to seek clients of public companies, government bodies, incorporations or institutions. Rather its focus is on equipping select individuals to confident and competent independence, through the application of prudent time tested principles in the Creation, Protection, Enjoyment and Transfer to the next generation, of a secure private estate.

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Dan El can present general concepts of estate planning via SEMINARS, or offer a more specific personal analysis and tuition with a BEYOND WEALTH STRATEGIC PLANNING session, incorporating the WEALTH PRESERVATION protocols that have earned Dan El international recognition.

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