CRYPTO-CURRENCY… the non-existent coin!

I met a stranger who seemed a good bloke
Although from his demeanour he appeared flat broke
He said “I have a new money, a non-existent coin”
And was pitching for sales from all who would join
It’s better than money you have in your pocket
And if you want to get rich you better not knock it
Its called a crypto, a new get rich craze
From poor to rich in just a few days

It’s promoted as being the cash of the future
Although just for now that might not suit ya
Just give me your cash and the coin will be yours
Even though not yet vetted by “Standard and Poor’s”
He talked with the front of a brash inside trader
And referred to a celebrity and the wealth that it made her
So I enquired to know its expected real worth
“Well... in direct proportion to the fools on the earth”

“It’s a non-existent coin so your wallet can go
And as more buy in, yours becomes worth more dough”
So knowing too well the coin does not exist
I bought 1,000 bucks worth the night I was pissed
For fear of missing out I had jumped right in
And flicked my old wallet in the nearest bin

With new found enthusiasm and hopes of great wealth
And with instant addition of financial stealth
I went to the pub to buy a round of beer
But my crypto was ignored with a look of “you’re queer”
The barman was candid and I felt a real goose
As he showed the folly of trading “nothing” for booze!
He said...“I know the guy who sold you that crypto
He was here last week selling moon dust from Pluto”

Crypto gurus, and Emperors with no clothes
fool many people and increase there woes
Yes some will make money and other lose all
Place your bets, roll the dice, and see whose the fool
But in reality these are just Ponzi schemes
And not as attractive as what it first seems
Tangible assets are different, they are real,
Gold, silver, wine, and stuff you can feel
Things will get tough and when shit hits the fan...
So be sure you have thought of your families wealth plan.

Graham Daniels