Gold… The New Color Of Money!

Even if the US pays back its debt by 9am tomorrow, the European Union become an economic power house by midday, Greece wins the lottery at 1pm, China’s stock market reverses before sunset and the Shmita never happens, those who have Private Bullion Holdings are in a comfortable position no matter what.

I have received a number of emails and phone calls from individuals who are concerned about the near future.  With growing personal and government debt, defaulting of loans, European union instability, military maneuvers in the US and retracting Chinese economy, ordinary people have been exchanging currency for bullion at an extraordinary rate.

According to reports, the US mint recently sold out all stocks of American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins due to significant increase in demand.  This is the second time the mint has sold out of Silver coins in the past 9 months. The UK Royal Mint went public with the statement “There has been a noticeable increase in demand in this last quarter…” not the least has been the demand for bullion coins in Greece as the smart money is no longer the Euro, but gold.

My conversations with Mint Masters over the last 3 weeks has confirmed that they are in “boom time” and demand for bullion coinage is soaring.

The common sense approach in all of this is that Private Bullion Holdings in the form of privately minted coins (not government issued coins), bullion jewelry or LBMA bars is a very prudent practice in economic peace times as a compliment to a balanced portfolio.  It just becomes more essential during economic turmoil.

To those who have contacted me directly, I suggest they do 2 things:

  1. Acquire some Cash & Carry bullion – This is a form of small denomination coins (between 1/10th ounce and 1 ounce) in gold and silver that individuals can hold in their possession. These become readily tradable and suitable for exchange. I would add to this bullion jewelry, as it has stood the test of time for 5 millennia.
  2. Diversify your bullion holdings internationally – This form of bullion storage should be in bullion bars manufactured by LBMA refineries and stored outside ones country of residence.

History teaches us that every crisis carries with it an opportunity for those who are prepared.  Whether one gains a benefit or experiences a loss when such crisis hits will be a direct reflection on how prepared they were.

The anomaly in all of this is that the exchange rate of currency for bullion is currently extraordinarily favorable and those who have not yet positioned themselves on the safe side of the equation can now enter the bullion market on great terms.


Graham Daniels

August 2015